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UG Network

As a volunteer for the Underground Network you can be asked questions or have people request a tour of the HUB (the Huge Underground Building where we met) randomly during any event. You may well know we are not the normal church organization. The Underground (UG) works as a nurturing center to help our small communities called microchurches start, grow, and multiply. At the Underground we focus on being the church rather than going to church so how we do things is a little different. But even though we are different we are the same as other Christ centered groups in wanting to honor God and help those that are close to His heart.

Here are some information and terms that will help you explain the Underground better.

About the Underground

  • we are a diverse network of small churches that each have worship, community and mission that we called microchurches
  • we want to empower people to BE the church not just attend it...we don't consider the Sunday gathering "church" we call it a conference for our microchurch leaders and members that we have named Crucible
  • we want to help people discover their God-given mission (or calling), find a community of people and launch them into God's mission as the church.
  • The Underground has existed for 11 years now and has planted 165+ microchurches.
  • The Underground Network is a 501c3. There is no senior pastor, because the microchurches are led by elders with staff led coaching.  There is a team of leaders with an executive director, leading the nonprofit.
  • We give over 50% of the money we take in to the poor and like minded missions globally. All of the staff have to raise support, no one is getting rich off the Underground!
  • We are bound together by evangelical faith (Luasanne Covenant) and our core values (Manifesto)
  • We are relentlessly Christocentric (having Christ as its center).

Terms and Misc. –

There are four kinds of Microchurches – The communities that we mobilize, resource, and empower.

Home-based (reach out to neighborhoods)

Mission based (reaches out to a certain groups)

Campus-based (reach out to university campuses)

Global-movements (reach out globally to share the Gospel)

The HUB (Huge Underground Building) is a place where microchurches can meet, have work station or office space, host special events and have storage space. Our Tampa Underground, Executive and International Staff are normally in the building also during normal business hours offering services and coaching.

Underground Free Clinic – We have a free clinic in the HUB for microchurch members that have health care needs.

We offer Space Use. If you are having an event and need space we may be able to accommodate – Contact us for details.

Contact info - (813) 248-3301,, 1925 E. 2nd Ave, Tampa 33602

And as always we need volunteers for Crucible. If you need more information check out or email Thanks!

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