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Why People Hate Volunteering on Sundays

Most Ministry Staff dislike asking people to volunteer especially for Sundays because so many say "no" or make an excuse why they can't assist. It is hard after a while to not take the rejection personal even though it is not.

Why do so many people not want to volunteer on Sundays? I have been working in ministry for a while and here are some of the reasons bold but very honest people tell they don't want to serve:

Feel like volunteering is a waste of time - I hate to waste my time because I have so little of it. So when people tell me that disorganized leaders leave them waiting for extended periods of time doing nothing on Sundays after they woke up and came out early, I understand what they are saying. If I show up to help and I sit around waiting to find out what I am supposed to do, I will make a mental note to just spend next time in bed sleeping. Also if I do not feel like what I am doing as a volunteer is important or meaningful, I would probably skip it as often as I could. That would once again be in the "waste of time" category.

Come to service to be ministered to, not minister - Many people have the attitude they come to a church service or Christian Conference especially to be ministered to, they don't want to minister or serve anyone. They have had a hard week of work and ministry and it is time for them to take a break.

Feel undervalued by ministry staff - Some volunteers feel like church or ministry staff uses them like servants to do their bidding. When the servants get exhausted, like tissue the staff pulls more servants out of the box of the organization and keep moving. Many of these volunteers have a lot of responsibilities with little details, training or authority. And if the volunteers make mistakes they can be reprimanded or abused spiritually making them even fearful to serve. 

Nothing in volunteering for the volunteer - Some volunteers don't see a reason to actually do anything extra on a Sunday. What is in it for them anyway? Can they learn anything worthwhile? Make any new friends? Get anything on this side of eternity for the time and energy?

My Commitment to Volunteers at Crucible - I will make sure we don't waste your time. We will have you working on time and properly trained for the area you have signed up to serve in.

We are working diligently to get enough volunteers so you only have to volunteer once every 4 - 6 weeks. We don't want volunteering to be burdensome. If we all pitch in and work as a team we can have success.

We understand that most of our attenders are ministry leaders and some aren't open to the idea to volunteer on their one day off. Though I understand this in reality as Christians, we don't get the privileged to take the day off as a servant of God. We are called to always DO good 1 Corinthians 3:9 So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of faith. Even though many of us are in intentional ministries the concept we are to be inherently serving escapes many people's thoughts. I think rest has its place but we need to help out or serve our peers periodically when we can.

What to know more about our concept of volunteering Click Here 

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